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By AskYeshka
St. Paul's Collegiate
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Request feedback/opinion/thoughts. Thank You

Request feedback/opinion/thoughts. Thank You

Recent demands to change the names of k-12 Schools. I do not want my child to adopt the ideology that character assasination is acceptable behavior. From a moral perspective 'seek and ye shall find' We can look for the good things and the positve influence a human being brought to the world or look for the bad things and negative influence a human being brought to the world. To elevate we focus on good deeds. To devalue we focus on bad deeds. It is false to assume there are good or bad people.  People are People who are all capable of using their free will to bring positve energy or negative energy into the world via our actions.  'Good' people have commited atrocity. 'Bad' people have commited acts of love. When asked to tic a box for race, I draw my own box and write the word HUMAN and tic that box. There is ONE race and it is called the human race.  

I created a petition for this issue. 


It is proposed that Opinion sought prior to a proposal