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Optional PPE Research Case A (Links to PPE Week 7)

Optional PPE Research Case A (Links to PPE Week 7)

This case links to the session on research ethics. A link to AUTEC's knowledge base has been provided below.

It provides a good opportunity to refine your skills using the Vx case framework  before the next Assessment. Plus you can learn so much from previous peers so remember to access the Reports after Submitting.


You are part of a research team exploring ways to improve health outcomes in people who have previously suffered a stroke. The study has ethics approval including approval from the local DHB, from where you have recruited the participants.

It is Friday and you are heading to your final interview of the week. You're going to be interviewing a 78 year old male called 'Bob'.

The interview starts out well. You begin with some generic questions to put him at ease. Bob appears happy to converse and despite his stroke can communicate fairly well. You decide to move on to the interview questions. Over the next 10-15 minutes Bob begins to become more reserved and you get the feeling that he is holding back information. He then reveals to you that he has been feeling quite depressed of late and wonders whether it is really worth carrying on.  He tells you that few people seem to understand what he is experiencing and some days it is hard to have hope. He says that he knows you are good at listening but asks you not to tell his GP or anyone about this. Moving on, he composes himself, forces a smile and says' C'mon then, next question'.

What should you do?


It is proposed that you keep the information Bob has disclosed to yourself

Key Concepts